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The Times-News op-ed piece by statistician Leah Libresco titled "I used to think gun control was the answer" (Wednesday) is entirely wrong-headed.

Her claim, that an examination of the largest categories of gun deaths — suicides, domestic violence cases and gang shootings — proves that common-sense gun control reforms will do little to reduce gun violence only encourages gun slinging.

The fact that most gun-related deaths are suicides has nothing to do with random mass killings with assault rifles, which is the issue at hand. Suicides, however tragic, are self-murder, quite the opposite of random gun murders. Also, domestic and gang violence are not random. The victims are in some way or other engaged with the gunman.

Random acts of violence against innocent children, unwitting concert goers and the like, may be statistically small compared with the larger categories of gun-deaths, but they are uniquely horrifying, and cannot be dismissed on account of their partial kinship with other kinds of gun violence.

Articles such as Libresco's do not help us find a way out of our problem with domestic terrorism.

Brenda Larsen

Twin Falls


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