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1st Amendment protesters say thank you

Thank you to one and all who helped with our Resident’s Activity Days 1st Amendment Protest — aimed at civil rights violations by Twin Falls Housing Authority — held Dec. 17 at Twin Falls City Park. Thank you to each of our donors, sponsors and volunteers who cared enough about our 1st Amendment rights to get personally involved — including helping us stand up for our rights to Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Association and our rights as disabled Americans in general.

Thank you to those individuals and businesses that donated hand-warmers and refreshments for our protesters and cardboard and wood for our protest signs. Thank you to Times-News and Radio News 1310 for at least stopping by, even if we didn’t qualify as your evening news. Thank you to Sen. Heider for caring about disabled community members here in Twin Falls and sharing some of your busy schedule with us at the park. Thank you to all the pedestrians who stopped to visit with us and cheer us on. And thank you to those of the nearly 3,000 vehicles passing by during our two-hour event who honked, waved, gave us the peace sign and in general helped us celebrate the fact that yes, it is still the U.S.

Any time we, as members of a free nation, fail to stand up for any of our individual or collective constitutionally protected rights — including the rights of too-oft forgotten segments of our nation’s population like our disabled/elderly poor — we all lose.

Miriam Austin

Twin Falls

Thank you to Limelight Ketchum Community Fund

Interlink Volunteer Caregivers is so appreciative of grant funds recently awarded by the Limelight Ketchum Community Fund in support of our Access to Healthcare Program. This fund is supported by employees of Ketchum's Limelight Hotel and allows them to directly impact the lives of their friends and neighbors.

The grant funds awarded to IVC will be dedicated to assisting individuals in the Wood River Valley with transportation to physician visits and medical treatment by reimbursing our volunteer workforce for miles traveled. By working as a team, many lives are enhanced.

Nancy Duncan, Resource Developer


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