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Letter: Wolves aren't endangered

Letter: Wolves aren't endangered

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Wolves aren’t endangered

I’m not sure what all the issues with wolves are about. At the current time there are over 65,000 wolves between Alaska and Canada. Yes 65,000.

The wolves that were moved to Idaho Came from Canada. It appears to me that again the government wants to cause an uproar about an item that has no issue.

Saying the wolves are endangered is like saying, I have one Labrador retriever in my back yard, therefore there is only one, so they are endangered.

Of course not taking in to account the other thousands around the country.

With this said, you could wipe out every wolf In Idaho, and guess what; there would still be over 65,000 of them. They are not endangered. You cannot take an animal that is not endangered move it to a new area and claim it is. Don’t fall for the hype. There are too many outside interests trying to make decisions for Idaho.

Leonard Denton

Twin Falls


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