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I find it difficult to understand how anyone of moral character can vote for a Democrat candidate. The Democratic Party strongly supports and advocates for a women's right to choose whether she carries a baby to term and birth or kills it some where along the developing process. Considering that no living person or anyone who has ever lived can have life unless they have gone through the entire developing procedure. If life is stopped at any stage, a person, human being is eliminated from the life that might have been.

A person murdered at any stage of life, fetus, three years old, 30 years old, 60 years old, the results is the same, the ending of life. No person can get to three years old 30, or 60 without going through the entire fetus process — vitro fertilization, blastocyst, embro, fetus, to child freed from the womb. As to human life, murder (I use this term because taking of life without the persons consent is murder.) at any stage ends life, embryo or 20 years old, that person will never have the opportunity to experience what those years would have offered.

I went through this explanation to illustrate why I said I don't understand how anyone could vote for a Democrat. If the Democratic Party is in full support of abortion based upon a woman's right to do what she wants with her body (The baby in her womb is not her body.), then they are devoid of the most serious moral character, defending the most innocent and helpless of our society.

The Democratic Party shows strong support of educating our children, a noble goal, but think nothing of murdering millions of the unborn. Doesn't everyone see a problem with this type of thinking? A Democrat may say "I don't support abortion as supported by the Democrat Party." To you I say, if you have not spoken out against the policy of abortion then you do support. When you vote for a Democrat candidate, then you, by your support, support abortion.

Bob Burnham


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