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Once again, I take pen in hand. Where to start?

Let's start with the representatives that we sent to Congress. First, where are they? I read nothing about why they support the wall. I read nothing about why they support shutting down the government. They have disappeared.

I know we have some, but they are very quiet about the support they are giving for this idiot Fraumpt Trump. A little help for you representatives — ask China how their wall worked. Then ask Russia how their wall worked. 

You know, I think our representatives would stand there and watch our country go down the drain rather that stand up and say "That's not right." But then we would have to find them, wouldn't we?

How about our country's debt. So far, it's gone up $2 trillion in two years. That's hard to do, but Fraumpt Trump and the GOP got it done. A big tax cut for large companies and the top one percent. Someone should take a checkbook to Washington, D.C., and show them how it works. 

Now the next thing to happen will be a cut in Social Security and Medicare to pay for the debt that they created.

So much to write about — so little time.

John Scarlett


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