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Letter: What traffic laws?

Letter: What traffic laws?

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A couple of weeks ago in one of the opinions, people complained about the traffic noise.

What about speed limits, red lights and stop signs? To most motorists, they do not exist, plus people on their cellphones make for dangerous situations. Even in parking lots, people drive like it's an expressway.

Maybe because I'm a senior citizen I obey the traffic laws. Always have.

If I were a traffic officer, I could probably write 100 tickets a day.

In the noise article, it stated that Californian people were to blame. I came from California and the auto insurance rates were half the cost in Idaho. Are the drivers in this great state bad drivers?

I drive the speed limit and most of the time below the limit, only two vehicles have given me "the bird." One with a Texas license plate and the other from Utah. At least the motorists in Idaho have manners.

Raymond Parker

Twin Falls


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