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It seems every politician's ad claims they are more conservative than their opponents. What do they mean?

The first dictionary definition for conservative says "disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc., and to resist change." If this is what they truly claim to be, it means we are stuck in the present forever. There will be no new ideas or changes to improve anything.

If this is their position, our state is in more trouble than I thought.

It seems every political ad on TV is an attack ad. Instead of telling what's wrong with your opponent, I want to know why I should vote for you. I want to know what you think the important issues are that need to be addressed and how you plan to solve them.

I don't just want to know you support education, I want to know what steps you propose to improve it and how you will accomplish them.

I want to have information that will let me make an informed decision on who is the best candidate. If all you can do is bad-mouth your opponent, the only thing that tells me is you aren't the kind of person I want leading Idaho.

Robert Behrens


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