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Letter: We're all soldiers for liberty

Letter: We're all soldiers for liberty

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We’re all soldiers for liberty

Folks: Every American is now a soldier for liberty, right down to the children.

“Beijing-Biden” and his freak show has gone so far off the mark, it is beyond belief for many. But the fight is on. The survival of the Republic is at stake. Get this through your heads: No republic -no liberty.

If what we see continues, Agenda 21/2030 will soon be upon us. When it does, here’s what will happen. You, all of you, will lose all your private property and wealth; you’ll have internal security (vaccine) passports of one form or another; you will not be able to go anywhere, buy food, shop, or do anything we now take for granted today unless we comply with every government mandate to the letter. In short, you can be jailed in your assigned dwelling, not allowed to leave, and starved to death. The Big Techs are already bragging about how they can jail anyone where they live.

Our republic will be transformed into a Red Chinese colony. And if you want to see real racism look at the Red Chinese. In China if you are not a bonafide Chinese you will be marked, relocated and eliminated. Red China is one of the most brutal and racist countries in this world and many of our representatives are literally handing the United States over to them.

It’s past time to act. Flush the RINOs, take back school boards, city councils, the state house, dump CRT, the 1619 Project and push for the abolishment of the federal Dept. of Education and many others.

There’s a real opportunity here. This is a world war. When we beat these people, we will not only free ourselves but help free the Chinese people.

Mark Schuckert

Twin Falls


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