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In the last few years, poverty levels have fallen significantly to 13.4 percent for whites and slightly higher for Hispanics — U.S. Census Bureau. These figures do not include the Snap program or Earned Income Tax Credit, so the true poverty level should be closer to 5 percent. Meanwhile, recent wage increases have been strongest for the lowest earners.

Educators would lead us to believe that poverty is based on the use of a free or supplemental lunch program that indicates that one-half or 50 percent of Idaho families are at poverty levels. When I grew, up 50 percent of the U.S. was in true poverty; we’ve improved exponentially economically with a decrease in school performance. The lunch program is riddled with fraud as shown by current New Jersey court cases. In Idaho, affluent families charge lunches and refuse to pay. The whole system needs revision while still helping those truly in need.

Unwed mothers have 50 percent of the babies with the taxpayers picking up the bill. Many unmarried families simply game the system. We’ve allowed our culture to be undercut by well-meaning but abused federal programs that are replacing our responsible, individual work ethic society for a fraudulent welfare state. Little wonder why thousands of well-paying jobs go unfilled, and our young adults want to live in their mom’s basement. We have trained them to do so.

Educators should look for the true problems in education. For instance, instead of ridiculing our heritage and founding principles, explain how we became the richest and most powerful country through the most individualistic culture based on Christian morality.

Terry Platts


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