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Did you know that an Idaho call for a constitutional convention could completely destroy our present Constitution, including The Bill of Rights? Please ask your legislators to oppose all bills that call for a convention!

Appropriating more money for education will not solve our education crisis. A recent survey revealed that 44 percent of millennials favored socialism over free enterprise capitalism. Also, the United Nation's Common Core education reform is being taught in Idaho schools. The UN promotes socialism with redistribution of our wealth.

What is needed is teaching of the great principles of liberty contained in the Constitution. The book, “The 5000 Year Leap” by Cleon Skousen, contains the 28 principles of liberty. It should be used to teach all Idaho students about the Constitution.

In 1787, the Founders included in the Northwest Ordinance that the Judeo/Christian religion, morality and knowledge were to be taught in schools. The Supreme Court, without precedence, banned Bible reading and prayer in public schools. The Founders did not want a government-sponsored religious denomination, but not a ban on Judeo/Christian teachings in our schools.

The planks of the American Communist Party recorded in the 1963 Congressional Record included: the destruction of the Judeo/Christian religion; to get control of the schools and use them as a transmission belts for socialist and communist propaganda; present homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy”; infiltrate the churches (Communists do become ministers) to teach social justice and replace the holy Bible with pagan worship like the United Nation's Gaia; discredit the family; encourage obscenity in the name of free speech, etc.

Much of the communist/socialist agenda comes from the United Nations through the Federal Department of Education. We must get out of the United Nations by passing HR 193.

We must return to our Judeo/Christian, constitutional republic foundation to restore liberty.

Adrian Arp



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