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Mitch McConnell has said he won’t put a bill up for a vote unless he knows President Trump will sign it. Is that the role and the purpose of the Senate? In other words, the Senate simply waits for instructions from Trump and sends him the legislation he wants?

If the president is someone McConnell doesn’t like, he keeps senatorial action on the table until he can pass legislation that he knows the president will veto. This action on the part of the majority leader is corrupt and contrary to the mandate of the Constitution to do the people’s business. Even worse, the Republican members of Congress are supporting this effort to corrupt the purpose of the co-equal branches that are essential to the safeguarding of our republic.

As it stands, the Senate is the president’s pet dog waiting for the command to fetch, and Sen. McConnell is the dog’s trainer. We ask our military and first responders here and around the world to sacrifice their families and even their lives in defense of this country, its ideals and its people. We go out of our way to honor that sacrifice and thank them for their service.

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What we ask of our members of Congress pales in comparison. What we ask of them is to simply do the job they campaigned for. If there is something more important than fulfilling their responsibilities, they should quit and let more principled citizens take the helm.

Andrew Zastrow

Glenns Ferry

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