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I'm sure I'm not the only one disgusted with Brad Wills and the Twin Falls County Assessor's Office. I live in Buhl, and the last two years my property tax assessment has sky-rocketed.

I called the assessor for an explanation, and I was pretty much told "too bad the state requires us to jack up the appraisals." I explained Buhl is not the hot spot Twin Falls, Meridian and Boise are, and I couldn't sell my house for what they say it's worth. I was told "Sorry."

This is what I have decided to do, and I hope every property owner in Twin Falls county follows suit. I am going to vote "No" on every bond or levy that is put forth — "No" on every school bond or levy, every new fire station, jail, city hall, event center and everything else government entities put forward. They need to learn the public's tax-money well is not bottomless.

Please join me in voting "No."

Gary Welch


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