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Among the many responsibilities facing the educational system in Idaho is the task of preparing our young people for satisfying, well-paying jobs.

College is a good choice for some, but not for all. With the cost of a college education skyrocketing, many young people are looking elsewhere for training for a job. There are many openings in the computer industry that do not require a degree. Technicians, technologists and assistants of various kinds are needed in the health care field. There are jobs for machinists, welders and auto mechanics which provide good salaries and do not require college.

The challenge to our legislators, therefore, is to step up and fund our technical certificate programs and vocational schools to prepare our high school graduates with the training they need for meaningful jobs with good pay.

I believe that our Democratic candidates, Michelle Stennett, Muffy Davis and Sally Toone are the best prepared to meet that challenge.

Sue Petersen


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