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In the upcoming primary election on May 15, 2018, I will show my support for Linda Wright Hartgen as a candidate for House Seat 24B. Among all others, I believe she is the best woman for the job.

Linda is an outstanding gracious woman, and even greater than her substantial list of accomplishments is her heart. Linda is a caring, thoughtful person who puts others before herself. This profound selfless quality is necessary in those who represent us in government.

Linda served as a mentor to me when I was a young, single mother and has always encouraged me and offered her support on my path to law school. She is the kind of woman who does the right thing even when no one is looking.

I am confident that given the opportunity, she will continue to be a faithful servant and leader of her community. I encourage you to show your support by voting for her on May 15.

Savahna Egbert

Twin Falls


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