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Honesty, integrity, knowledge and work ethics. Just a few of the outstanding qualities you will get if you vote for Linda Wright Hartgen, House Seat 24B. 

I have had the privilege and the pleasure of working with Linda on several projects during the past years. Her many years as trial court administrator as well as working on county budgets and state judicial budgets have given her a broad knowledge of the financial needs of our county and state.

Linda's many years of volunteering on many juvenile justice committees has given her the experience to serve us well at the Legislative level. Linda is strong, knowledgeable and experienced in so many issues that face our state at this time.

I worked with Linda 20 years ago when the Bill's Place Transitional Housing project was just a good idea. Linda volunteered on that steering committee for many years. Thanks to Linda and many others working together, we have a very successful program that benefits young women who are transitioning back into the community as productive citizens.

Linda Wright Hangen is a woman with conservative values, great work ethics and is willing to listen and represent us all. Vote Linda Wright Hartgen, State Representative, District 24B on May 15.

William J. and Barbara C. Brockman



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