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Letter: Vote Lickley for House Seat 25A

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When evaluating candidates for public office, it can be easy to get so tied up debating the hot topics and skimming the talking points that we overlook the simplest measure of worthiness to hold office — a servant’s heart.

Laurie Lickley is many things: small business-owner, rancher and active community member — but that which makes her most deserving of your vote is servant. I’ve known Laurie and her family for a number of years, so I’ve seen firsthand how her dedication to serving her neighbors has defined her life.

Her desire to serve has been evident in the many conversations we’ve had on ways she can help provide scholarships to rural youth. During her time as president of the Idaho Cattle Association, Laurie worked hard to boost programs aimed at engaging younger students, getting them to college and seeing them come back to their home communities.

Her servant’s heart has been further evidenced in the times when she braved the cold to feed her neighbor’s horses, mended fences that were not her responsibility to fix or prepared a meal for someone who needed a helping hand.

To me, however, the strongest example of Laurie’s desire to serve can be found at a time when sickness in my family delayed the spring farm work, and she and her family showed up to help us catch up.

Laurie has a proven record of service to her neighbors and fellow community members. I know she will continue that same commitment to service in the legislature.

If there’s one thing we all can agree on, it’s that we don’t need any more politicians. So on May 15, elect a public servant — vote Laurie Lickley for Idaho State Representative, 25A.

Tanner Beymer

Twin Falls


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