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There are numerous reasons to re-elect Suzanne Hawkins to the Twin Falls City Council. She is certainly the most qualified person running for Seat 1. She has served on several boards and held a variety of leadership positions. She has volunteered for many local events and projects that are designed to give back to our community. She has served on the Council for five years, gaining the experience and knowledge needed to make wise, informed decisions.

Suzanne is a woman of integrity. She is honest, strong, thoughtful and kind. She understands that every decision the Council makes has an effect on the citizens of this community and makes sure that she is well informed and prepared so that her input encourages Twin Falls to safely grow and thrive.

She understands that many of society’s problems can be fixed by doing a better job with our children. It is easier to teach children than to fix broken adults. Because of that, she has taught children’s groups in church and currently is the liaison to the Twin Falls City Youth Council. If you know our children, you know how well she does with young people.

Suzanne has shown that she is an individual who makes decisions based on her commitment to our community and what is in the best interest of the city of Twin Falls in conjunction with her personal beliefs and input from citizens. Her experience as a private business owner is invaluable in helping to understand the issues facing a growing city and the financial matters involved in running a city.

If you know her, you have probably already chosen her as your candidate. If you don’t know her, you should get to know her. Then it will be easy to make her your choice on Election Day.

Dave Hawkins

Twin Falls

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