I am writing in support of Suzanne Hawkins for Twin Falls City Council. Suzie and I met 21 years ago through a mutual friend. We hit if off instantly. I was enamored at how she ran her house full of kids and teenagers consisting of her own birth-children, and her step (bonus) children. She and her husband, Dave, had also opened up a new computer store, Computer Connection, that is still going strong today. That in itself is an amazing feat, since many computer stores have tried to open in the Magic Valley and have failed. Suzie is successful at being a wife, mother, business owner, and involved in the community of Twin Falls because she does not waver. Suzie is solid. Whatever may come against her, she stands on her belief that we are one nation under God, and that we should not only honor our flag but remember all the people who fought and gave their lives so we can have the freedoms we have in this country. Her faith in God is strong. Her faith in her family has helped to raise extremely successful children who are taking the reins of raising their own children to be successful and honorable. The love she has for her incredible husband and children has overflowed into a love and desire to help make Twin Falls the best community in the state. Suzie has been involved with many organizations and is a natural leader. I am honored to call Suzie my friend; by voting for her on Nov. 7, you will be picking the right candidate for the job. Being on the City Council and being vice-mayor is a tough job, and there is no better candidate than my friend Suzanne Hawkins.

Connie Larson