How about voting out all the incumbent city councilmen in Twin Falls? Just maybe we can get someone in there that will work for the people for a change. They can waste all that money on Main Avenue and I don't see where it is any better than it was. They can lower the speed limit on a mile of Orchard because of a single accident that the lowered speed limit wouldn't have helped anyway. On that entire street there is one intersection where there is a potential problem and they haven't done a thing that will improve safety there. A couple of pedestrian crossing signs, a couple of white lines might help. Eventually there will have to be a stop light there as the area builds up, something that South Hills guarantees will happen sooner rather than later. And they can find excess money to build more trail along the canyon so one of them can have a path named after them, but they can't manage to fix out decaying infrastructure. Hint to the Council: As long as the sidewalks between Drury Park and Lincoln School are in the condition they are, you don't have any excess funds. Fix them. Come Election Day, vote all incumbents out.

Wayne Frandsen

Twin Falls