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Several years in the past, a proposal was made by Kent Searle to change the addresses in the Jackson area. The reason for this change was to eliminate duplicate addresses and to simplify 911 emergency response.

The residents of Jackson were and are attached to Minidoka County. The residents were almost unanimous in their opposition to this address change. Also in opposition were the Minidoka County emergency responders and law enforcement.

In spite of this opposition, Kent Searle and the county commissioners made the address change.

What were the results?

  1. Cassis County received money for every telephone in Jackson.
  2. To this day, an address in Jackson cannot be located on Google. Try it yourself.
  3. Duplication of addresses — deliveries to Jackson end up in Minidoka.

Please elect Tim Darrington as county commissioner. He will listen to your concerns.

Dan Walton



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