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Letter: Very Good News on COVID-19

Letter: Very Good News on COVID-19

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For the past year we have been bombarded almost daily with gloomy statistics regarding COVID-19. Even as the rate of new infections started to decline in Idaho, we were cautioned that this could just be the lull before the next storm. This bleak prediction, however, has proven to be overly pessimistic. In fact, rates of new infections have declined in every state in the nation, with little or no coverage from print or electronic media. This information is readily available at the Times-News website at The link entitled "COVID-19" takes you to a section called "Virus by the numbers" where the infection rates for each state can be explored. Analysis of that data shows that Idaho's infection rate, based on a seven day average, peaked on 12-11-20 with 1653 new cases. As of February 6, 2021, the case rate had declined to 373 for a calculated reduction of 77%! Further review of those charts show that declines have occurred in all states. Peak infection day varied from 11-14-20 for South Dakota to 1-20-21 for Minnesota. Percentage declines have varied from 20% for Texas to 86% for Minnesota. Nationwide, the average new infection rate has declined 67% from peak days. These declines have occurred independently from vaccinations since only 10% of the population had received one injection and only 3% had received both as of 2-9-21. This is clearly encouraging information and should be more widely publicized.

Martin Lee



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