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I recently saw an op-ed letter in which the writer said laws would be better than a wall to keep out illegal immigrants. My take would be that we don’t need more laws but rather enforcement of those already on the books.

Not only is it illegal to cross our borders without the proper paperwork and vetting, those who have built a political fiefdom on purity and fairness seem to have conveniently forgotten that they’re not being fair to the millions of immigrants who have paid the price to enter this country … legally.

But then, to recognize that would take much of the wind from their self-serving sails, wouldn’t it?

So many laws in our country are often ignored out-of-hand. Take, for instance, the speed limit in the Salt Lake City area, which has proven to be nothing more than a suggestion. To the wealthy software engineer or lawyer who wants to help you beat your illegal drug-use charge, a speeding ticket means next to nothing. But what if that ticket landed you in jail for a few days? With time being money, I’ll bet the word could get around to all those who think the law was meant for everyone but them.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” I say, “If you carry a big enough stick — and people know you will use it — you won’t have to waste your breath.”

Under that policy, and only that policy, would laws suffice as an answer to the immigration problem.

William Denham

Twin Falls

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