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My first question is, do you want the people of Twin Falls County to be lazy and overweight? Not to be rude, but the people are not active. All we have to offer for entertainment in this area is places to eat. The miniature golf place is wonderful but can be used only part of the year. If we have a rec center, we the people could stay active and swim and run and play things that we usually couldn't do without going from place to place doing different things. It would take more time and money than just having one establishment close to homes. I'm mad that they couldn't get enough signatures to get a rec center in Kimberly only because we had to get people's signatures twice because the people who were trying to get us to get signatures messed-up, so that was a dumb thing they did. We don't need a bunch of small gyms that accommodate adults only. We need a family rec center with swimming , racquetball courts, pickle ball courts, basketball courts, track, weights, rock climbing, lazy river and other classes.

Drew Williams

Twin Falls


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