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As a veterinarian who has worked extensively with feral cats, I applaud the decision of the Twin Falls City Council to ban foothold or conibear traps for dealing with feral (also called “community”) cats.

I would also like so share my experience of what works:

We have learned here in our community that not only is killing cats unpleasant and inhumane, it simply doesn’t work to reduce numbers. Cats breed fast and often and replenish their numbers well if they are depleted.

A far more effective solution is to provide TNR (trap-neuter-return) services. Yes, that means we return “fixed” cats to where they were humanely trapped. A neutered colony gradually decreases by attrition, obnoxious cat behavior is mostly curtailed by neutering and cats are not tortured and killed.

For further details I would encourage anyone to contact Alley Cat Advocates in Louisville, Ky. Our city has been pleased with the outcomes of our TNR program.

Chris Albert, DVM

Lebanon Junction, Ky.

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