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Now it's Sears that is closing, following Macy's, Penny's, numerous smaller shops down the halls, and Michael's in that unnecessarily ugly strip very near our stunning and very scenic canyon. Shopko is probably next. Instead of building even more retail in the so-called "Canyon Park West," the Magic Valley Mall should be allowed to return to nature, having provided now 30 years of California retail ambiance to our unique geologic area.

MVS management spokespersons spin that it will be even better in future, the vacancies providing space for restaurants and various other services. How many restaurants and other small service businesses would it take to fill the large empty spaces? Way more than we need or want or could be supported by clientele. Don't we have enough haircutters, payday loans, pizza joints, etc., etc., already? Malls around the country are dying and closing, mostly due to internet sales, and we can only hope MVS will soon join the list.

This would be a perfect place for a city, county or state park, despite the heavy rushed traffic on Blue Lakes. Too bad it will probably never happen, but I do wonder what will be out there in 20-plus years. Then too, we have Twin Falls City competing for those same type businesses in downtown.

OK, MVS was built in our former 80-acre farm on the canyon edge, but that does not mean the above is not, er, fair and balanced. Insert smiley emoji here.

Mike Leeds


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