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Letter: Trump Unhinged

Letter: Trump Unhinged

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The siege of the Capitol was an egregious attack on our democratic government and its elected officials, plain and simple. I think if you viewed the impeachment hearing with an open mind, it would be very difficult to not come to this conclusion. Seeing and understanding that both Pence and Romney narrowly escaped lynching is among the numerous disturbing events of the day. How unhinged is Trump to direct an attack of this magnitude on his own party? Reports of Trump being “giddy” as he watched the siege of the Capitol makes one aware of his warped mindset, and unhinged, erratic behavior.

I believe the 43 Senate Republicans who voted for acquittal entered the proceedings with closed, corrupted minds. Blind allegiance produced a significant number of “zombie” legislators devoid of conscience, emotion and reason. Unhinged from reality and shame, they took a course to defend a man of sullied mind and character, and acquit him in the face of video substantiated evidence of sedition and insurrection.

Unhinged-- a man, the majority of his political party, and potentially our nation. It does grieve me that basic reason and overwhelming evidence cannot convict a man who orchestrated a coup attempt in the United States of America. With no accountability to speak of, It also grieves me that an unhinged man such as Trump will be free to continually use lies, deceit and intimidation to capture the hearts, minds and souls of people, and they will continue to adjust their moral compasses to accommodate him and his deviant behavior. Can all of this lead to our nation being unhinged from democracy? I hope and pray not. But mark my words, if something doesn’t change, we will lose our democratic nation and its freedoms forever.

Greg Hegman

Twin Falls


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