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Letter: Trump treatment is McCarthyism revisited

Letter: Trump treatment is McCarthyism revisited

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I have arrived at a point where-in I am disappointed in myself for ever voting for Donald J. Trump. I voted for him in 2016 and again in 2020. I voted for him for two reasons. First, I believed that Hillary was about as evil as any politician I have observed in my 74 years. Joe is, well, just Joe. Secondly, I believed Trump, a non-politician, could change a few things in DC. Indeed, I hoped he could begin to drain the swamp. I voted for him realizing that he was a businessman, not a politician, and he’d ruffle feathers. I knew he’d say and write things that he truly believed in and all hell would break loose from within the “institution.”

Donald Trump did not deserve to be treated the way he has been even before he was elected. This is McCarthyism revisited. The entrenched swamp creatures (politicians and mainstream media) have viciously attacked him, his family, and any person or group that appreciated what he was doing for us. They are attacking him now and will in the future. The Pelosi and Schumer organizations have let America down by focusing on the hatred of DJT rather than the issues that Congress should be working on to help our economy and way of life recover. They are emboldened by an obviously biased MSM. I miss the days (long gone now) when the MSM employed actual reporters rather than opiners. News was presented in a way that folks could assimilate the presentation and form their own opinions rather than being fed biased opinions.

Donald, although I know it is as you expected, I apologize for having you pay the price for your efforts. Good luck in the future.

Steve Woods

Twin Falls


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