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Trump supporters are a puzzlement. I cannot figure out what that support is intended to achieve and what are the limits of that support?

It is clear that things are not going well. The stock market dramatically falling; the deficit ballooning out of control; 17 criminal investigations of Trump and his inner circle; children being separated from their parents and held in prison-like facilities; no efforts to repair our crumbling infrastructure; the loss of administration officials who have been fired or have walked away from service; a constant draining away of international respect and cooperation; 800,000 federal employees waiting for a paycheck in a shutdown that has no end in sight; the apparent embrace of Putin who is a threat to our well-being; a Russian bomber landing "next door" in Venezuela at the same time that Russia unveils a hyper-sonic missile and no one seems to care; tariffs against China that have no apparent end-game and have hurt everyone from farmers to Apple investors; and a complete disregard for honesty and ethics.

Why? There has to be some unspoken driver that supports these present trends.

Is it a hope for an undefined better future? Could it be that American values have changed so much? Can we blame it on social media for the growth of cowardly faceless attacks, lies, half-truths and deception?

Or could it be that there are only two issues at the bedrock of this support? Could it be that there remains a racist residue in reaction to the Obama presidency and an acceptance of a growing racial prejudice against anyone not white? And/or could it be that those supporters will support anyone, however crazy, in order to overturn Roe vs. Wade?

I wonder where the truth lies.

Michael Johnson


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