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Letter: Trump must be impeached

Letter: Trump must be impeached

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Many thanks to the editorial board for reprinting the "Silence Is Acquiescence" from the Idaho Statesman. That column conveys how deeply all the Republican members of Congress, including Idaho's delegation, share the blame with Trump for Wednesday's mob assault on the US Capitol.

Say the names: Jim Risch, Mike Crapo, and Mike Simpson, who have remained silent for four years in the face of Trump's lies, crimes, gaslighting and disinformation. Russ Fulcher has only been in the House for a couple of years, but has stood out as one of Trump's most loyal cheerleaders. No one in the Republican leadership or ranks of Congress has raised the least criticism of Trump. No Republican ever dared to talk back to him, to stand for truth and the rule of law. Surrounded by spineless minions, how could he help but feel that he could get away with anything? I have written to Risch and Crapo many times, asking them to justify their silence about Trump, but have never received an explanation. Trump needs to be impeached on charges of sedition for inciting Wednesday's mob. The members of the Idaho delegation need a lesson in putting the good of their country above groveling before the bottomless ego of a would-be tinpot dictator. Their crocodile tears Thursday about the horrible violence do not atone for their culpability.

Stephen Poppino

Twin Falls


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