Letter to editor: Worries about the Minidoka County School District

Letter to editor: Worries about the Minidoka County School District

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Citizens of Idaho,

I have some concerns about recent events and the the Minidoka County School District. I retired from teaching after 30-plus years and I continue to care about the teachers and students in the district.

It has been brought to my attention, from a variety of sources, that the current school board has recently made some very inconsistent decisions with staff. The more I hear about these situations it seems we are revisiting the '80s and early '90s when a few prominent wealthy families made all the major decisions for our district. It appears a few families are making the decisions for everyone and there is a failure to consider the voices and opinions of anyone else.

In the '80s, early '90s, and now it seems priority is given based upon business associations, money and church affiliation. In the past many prominent positions were given to people who fit these factors over people more highly qualified and capable. This is very concerning since this tramples on moral and ethical obligations the school board should hold to.

With the kind of decisions being made, it effects not only staff morale, but even more our students. These kids need the best people for the job, especially with today’s challenges. I’m experienced enough to know that we shouldn’t base the whole public education experience on test scores and GPA. I have learned and been reminded over the years that our educators make the difference in ways we don’t even know.

Let us hold our school board accountable to give all of our students and staff, not just the chosen few, the public school they deserve. I do this for love I have for the kids and public education.

James Doug Gosnell



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