It should be obvious by now the United States is besieged by a torrent of enemies, almost all from within. Soros and his internationalist allies openly seek the dismemberment and dissolution of the United States and placing our country under the jurisdiction of the United Nations. Much of this is being advanced by the illegitimate, illegal and unconstitutional mandates developed by our “Deep State” under the guise of Agenda 21/30. Basically, under this program you will lose all private property rights.

Knowing there isn’t much I can do as an individual except stay informed and propose candidates who can really make a difference, I shall do so. Take serious note that those listed here are on record for being pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights, pro-2nd Amendment, etc. There are many other candidates, but I cannot chat with them all. Thus, this list of candidates is not all inclusive.

Steve Pankey (Governor): a gentlemen’s gentleman, solid in his belief in a constitutional representative government.

Janice McGeachin (Lt. Gov.) and Genneda Zuiderveld (Representative) District 25A are tops in their field. I’ve spoken with both several times – none better.

Michael Snyder (U.S. Congress) District 1, would be a breath of fresh air.

Terry Edwards (State Senate) District 25. I know him personally. He’s a solid candidate, not shy and says it the way it is. Jay S. Waters (State Senator) District 24, also tops.

Josh Gibbon (Representative) District 11A and Tammy Nichols (Representative) District 11B are perfect for the job.

Rocky Ferrenburg (Representative) District 24B; Keven Rhoades (Representative) District 17B; and Lyle Johnstone (Representative) District 25B are first-class people.

I wish I could include some other candidates, but I don’t know them. Get out and vote, our state and our country desperately need you.

Mark Schuckert

Twin Falls

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