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Letter to editor: Time to restore liberty in America

Letter to editor: Time to restore liberty in America

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To save our Constitutional Republic we need to restore liberty principles contained in the Declaration of Independence. These principles include:

National Sovereignty. Sovereignty is the primary battle-ground in the war concerning independence versus a global world government.

Natural Law. It is the universal moral code (10 Commandments) that governs all people and forms the basis of our civil laws and inalienable rights.

Self-evident Truths. The Declarations states: “We hold these truths to be self-evident...”

Equality. Government is to protect equal rights, not provide equal things (wealth redistribution).

Inalienable Rights. Fundamental human rights such as life, liberty and private property are granted by God and not by Government. The proper role of government is to protect these rights.

The Inalienable Right to Life, not abortion on demand.

The Inalienable Right to Individual Liberty. Our Country was founded as a Republic not a Democracy. A representative form of government where individual rights are protected.

The Inalienable Right to Private Property. Economically is means free markets and free enterprise. Global government advocates want an unholy union of government, education, health care and business.

The Primary Purpose of Government is the Protection of Inalienable Rights. Governments are instituted among men to secure individual rights, not the common good.

Popular Sovereignty. People have a higher level of authority than government and government has only those powers delegated by its citizens.

Federalism and States Rights. Powers not specifically delegated to the federal government are reserved to the States and the people.

Divine Providence. The signers of the Declaration believed their cause was just and that a just God (Supreme Judge) would be on their side.

The Founders honored Independence Day as a religious holiday because the author of liberty, Jesus Christ, made freedom and liberty possible for us.

A concerned citizen,

Adrian L. Arp



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