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Letter to editor: Thoughts on law and order

Letter to editor: Thoughts on law and order

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This is the time folks not to refrain from speaking up. Let me begin by expressing the notion that 95% of the problems in society are caused by less than 5% of the population. Next, I want to express my gratitude to law enforcement officers for their protection and service. I'm sure that the 95% plus are just as concerned about the increased threat to their effectiveness in their jobs and to their lives as we should be. Rule-by-law and law and order are what make America great, not flattery and deceit.

Is Mitt Romney the only Republican senator that acknowledges that Donald Trump is a threat to "rule by law"? Kudos to Senator Romney for his Commendation to General James Mattis for his rebuke to Donald Trump as a threat to the Constitution. And kudos to Senator Mitt Romney for his vote in the Senate impeachment trial of Donald Trump. I know how he voted and citizens of the United States have knowledge of how he voted. I know how Senator Mike Crapo and Senator James Risch voted and citizens of Idaho have knowledge of how they voted. We need leaders that stand up for correct principles, not enablers of wrong-doing.

Thanks again to our 95% plus law enforcement officers for your efforts to maintain law and order and to keep America great! Let us not forget that we need you!

Two more little thoughts. In thinking how important the 95% is to our safety regarding traffic laws, please consider this metaphorically in regard to constitutional law. And if COVID-19 doesn't bring home the importance of the work force working from pay check to pay check to the U.S. economic well-being, I don't know what does.

Gordon Armstrong

Twin Falls


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