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Appropriate compensation for elected officials is a question that goes all the way back to the first democracies of ancient Greece. In Idaho, many government entities rely on volunteers to achieve their missions. County commissioners are paid a decent salary for full-time work but they are the exception. Our state legislature is a part time legislature and their pay reflects that. Most other taxing entities don't pay their board members at all except for city councils. Many council members receive some sort of compensation for their service.

I would like to suggest that, where city councils remain part time, the pay be tied to a formula with the median income of the city in which they serve. This will help elected officials be more mindful of collective prosperity of the city. For example, if city council members in Twin Falls were paid 1/4 of the median income of the city they would receive $10,470. This is a little short of the current stipend they currently receive. Such a formula would give the city council incentive to promote higher incomes for all.

When income declines so will the city council pay and it will automatically relieve pressure on budgets that will be tight from lack of revenue.

Through such a formula city council members would be more financially connected to the people they represent.

John Kapeleris

Twin Falls

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