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Robust communities need robust schools. Schools are part of the fabric that holds communities together. They prepare our youth for future endeavors like college or university, technical training, or for jobs or other means of productivity. They are an important part of commerce that takes place in the local economy. Over the last several months, the school board and school administration, along with input from the community, have made plans to keep our schools safe and efficient. They have come up with a plan to ask the community to pass a bond measure for $21 million. This will help the school district complete key projects that will make our schools safer, more efficient, increase capacity and grow important programs like vocation and agriculture.

In my occupation I frequently recruit physicians and other professionals to the communities in and surrounding Minidoka County. Usually the first thing candidates ask about is our schools. It’s important to them that schools are safe, well maintained and operating effectively in adequate facilities. As our community grows, it’s important to ensure we have adequate access to health care resources. In order to attract and retain talented health care workers it’s important to have healthy schools to attract top talent

As a father of four school-aged children, it’s important to me that kids are in safe, secure schools, have adequate space for classes and activities, and provide a reasonably comfortable learning environment. It would be wonderful to enjoy a graduation ceremony with proper heating and air conditioning. And finally, appropriate drop-off and pick-up lanes for children at the elementary schools.

I encourage you to support the Minidoka County School bond and vote yes on May 21. This is a conservative, yet well-planned set of projects that will bring schools in our district up to date. I encourage you to visit the school districts web site for more information.

Tom Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Minidoka Memorial Hospital

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