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 I opened my property assessment this week I was shocked to read my assessed value of the lots my home sits on has doubled in value! Gut Wrenching. It was always my dream to retire and live comfortable in the home I own. At 68, this raise in property taxes might very well change that dream.

In order to appeal this assessment, a property owner needs some kind of statistical argument, so I first started talking to my neighbors to see if their taxes went up like mine did. Sure enough! Ouch! What statistical defense do I have to go before the board of commissioners and assessor I asked myself? Consequently, I am going public to say “Shame on You!”

I am diabetic and my Medicare D prescription insurance only pays a portion of 6 months of insulin. Consequently, I don’t have coverage for my medications for auto immune diseases, asthma, heart disease and others. Consequently I pay cash for such medications. Oh did I mention I pay over $400 a month for medical insurance coverage? I know I am not alone!

I personally know many people who qualify for the Idaho Circuit Breaker program (property tax reduction) and I am grateful to the State of Idaho for this program. However, many of us don’t qualify.

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I am reaching out to all seniors and other folks who have a story. Please write to the editor -- write your story right here! Voters remember these “yayhoos” when they run for re-election. I am also reaching out to any attorney who would voluntarily take on this fight for the citizens of Twin Falls County!!

Kathy Ugalde

Twin Falls

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