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McDonald's has recently announced its plans to modernize franchises. In Idaho alone, McDonald's and its franchise owners will spend $37 million dollars on remodeling and updating stores. When it comes to modernization, however, there is one area where McDonald's fails miserably.

The truth of factory farming is now well-known and consumers are understandably outraged. Many corporations have already made changes. McDonald's refuses to do so.

McDonalds' chicken suppliers use breeds that grow so unnaturally fast and large that they suffer from broken legs and heart and respiratory problems. The chickens live in dark sheds with no sunlight and no room to move. Conditions are so cramped and filthy that the chickens develop ammonia burns on their bodies due to the fumes from their own waste.

It doesn’t have to be like this. In fact, more than 85 corporations, including McDonald’s competitors Burger King, Sonic and Jack In The Box, have already implemented policy changes addressing all of these issues. Why hasn’t McDonald's?

McDonald's does desperately need to modernize. Its animal welfare policy is outdated and meaningless. By boycotting McDonald's and spreading the word we can take a stand against animal cruelty.

Jennifer Hunter


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