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Melania Trump, lovely First Lady of our land,

You are as brave as you are beautiful, to take a stand,

And proclaim the Lord's Prayer to one and all,

In the eyes of the Lord, you are standing tall.

God promises to bless those who are persecuted for His name's sake,

so the abuse heaped upon you by vile atheists, He will take,

And turn the taunts into jewels of rarest beauty,

As you fulfill so graciously your national duty,

To be the woman in the harsh, glaring spotlight,

Modeling for one and all, behavior that is morally right.

Courageous, kind, compassionate and caring

Against raging hate-mongers, you are bravely daring.

The beauty that shines forth from within your soul,

Matches your beauty without and makes you whole.

A "First Lady" of dignity who is worthy to be,

The wife of the "Leader of the land of the free."

Christine Riker


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