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Letter to editor: Misinformation is scarier than communism

Letter to editor: Misinformation is scarier than communism

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I am writing in response to the letter written by Bonnie Hamilton published on June 29, 2020, regarding her fears of Marxist ideology in the Black Lives Matter movement affecting children.

My main issue with the letter is the communism argument used throughout society and highlighted in Hamilton’s letter. This letter fails in it’s basic goal by not explaining why she considers Marxism to be bad. Therefore the argument only touches those who have the baseline McCarthy style fear of communism. Let me clarify the different versions of communism in an effort to finally break free from the Red Scare mentality. Marxism is about workers' rights and a society in which every person can thrive without oppression from an upper class. Leninism includes Vanguardism, the idea that a small group of rulers must organise the workers, and is easily corrupted. Stalinism is similar to Leninism but relies on the need for a single dictator to pursue true communism. Maoism has a focus on continual revolution as a means of maintaining control and a perfectly communist society. Socialism focuses on the need for citizens to have opportunities and rights with industry controlled by the people. Socialism is not communism. There is a variation of communism for every Communist leader there has ever been but not one of them is pure Marxism and most government applications if not all are highly corrupted. So Black Lives Matter having a base ideology of Marxism actually means they are working towards equality and wealth for everyone including those who oppose them. I can’t address what Hamilton thought they were going to do with their Marxism because she never states what it is she is afraid of.

Don’t be afraid of Marxist ideology affecting your children, be afraid of the inaccuracies you tell them.

Ellie Jackson

Twin Falls


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