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GOP leaders need to stand up to Trump

During the campaign in 2016, President Trump promised that he would build a border wall between our country and Mexico and that he would make Mexico pay for it! That was a salient point of his campaign. At the time, my question was: how?

So now, instead of getting Mexico to pay for the wall as his promised, he is demanding United States taxpayers to pay for it. However, not everyone agrees with him, and since he couldn’t get his way, he shut down the government! The president of our country is holding its citizens hostage with potential severe consequences in their lives because his demands are not met.

This illustrates to the world stage the image of an immature bully-boy in a playground. Is this the role model we want for our children and grandchildren?

The Republican Party as I knew it when I became a citizen of this country in 1973 was a party representing integrity, morality and family values; and I was very proud to be a citizen of this great country and part of the party. Now the party has descended into accepting and condoning licentious behavior, and silent consent to lies and disgrace of our highest political office.

Most Republican leaders, including Idaho’s, so far do not have the courage to publicly stand up and oppose all the chaos and reckless impulsive behavior which is detrimental to our country.

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah has the courage, integrity and moral conviction to stand up and state the truth about this president. History will remember his courage. He is one of many people who believe in the honor and dignity of the presidential office for this great country.

We need more leaders with moral conviction, integrity and courage.

Phuong Smith


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