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Letter to editor: Disappointed by St. Luke's moment of silence for equality

Letter to editor: Disappointed by St. Luke's moment of silence for equality

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I read with some disappointment the article covering the “Moment of Silence” observed at St Luke’s on Friday June 12. This observance was probably directed by the health system headquarters in Boise. This observance is an extension of the reaction to the death of one black man in the Midwest. That death is tragic. Subsequent reactions, however, have been beyond reasonable under the mantra of “black lives matter.” Of course they do. More objectively, the profile of blacks in this country has changed significantly for the better in recent decades: on a per capita basis there are as many black millionaires as there are white; Amazon reports that 26% of its workforce is black; Walmart 19%; not to mention most professional sports. The percentage of black employees in many corporations has increased recently.

A physician was quoted stating “black and brown people… have worse health outcomes.” Facts speak to the contrary. Below are the change in death rates for people over 25, per 100,000 population, from 2007 to 2017. The largest reduction in death rate is among blacks. Source CDC.

 2007-2017 % Change 
White 1165-1137-2.5
 Hispanic 874-784-10.3

The job of the health care system, in my opinion, is to relieve pain and suffering. Along the way we hope that this will improve the quality and the duration of patient’s lives. We should expect that the health system will care for all people who suffer equally. They should rebuffed for getting involved in political issues.

Daniel C Brown, MD

Twin Falls


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