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I challenge you to challenge yourself to another random act of love or kindness. It can be pennies in a donation jar at the local store or gas station or donating to your favorite cause, use your imagination. Jesus gave us a simple commandment that we should love one another. There are people homeless, hungry, living with depression, and all sorts of physical and emotional impairments.

A simple act of love or kindness like opening a door for somebody can mean so much. Just taking the time to talk to somebody who is grieving or in pain or going through a bout of depression. You could just save a life; you really could be somebody's own personal superhero. I'm also challenging myself to a random act of love or kindness the same as I am challenging you because I know that I sometimes forget to do the things I should do because I'm doing the things I want to do. As the apostle Paul put it, it's the sin that dwells in all of us. When Jesus went up on the cross he paid a ransom sacrifice in blood for forgiveness of our transgressions to wash us clean that whoever so believes in him will be raised to eternal life.

So regardless of politics, which sports team we think should have won, or spiritual path, we should constantly challenge ourselves and give a little bit of time to try to make the world a better place for everyone. And I truly mean everyone. Just remember do not do it for glory, do it in service to others and in service of the Lord. OK, you can yell at me now but it won't do any good — a lot of people have tried that tactic.

Brynn Close


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