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Just gather 'round good people

'Cause we're gonna build a border wall

And since Mexican folks are so filthy rich

We're gonna let 'em pay for it all

But now we've got a little problem

The Mexicans are saying no way

But Trump has a better idea in his head

He's gonna let Americans pay

He says he'll shut down our government

Unless we agree that we'll pay for it all

He wants to flip flop on his promise again

And put your backs up against your new wall

But why are folks getting so clappy

About paying for Trump's better plan

He told us all that they'd pay for it all

I guess Mexico just didn't understand

Trump's fooling good folks with his con job

for the truth he is keeping disguised

But he's gonna fool 'em for a whole lot more

Because so many are believing his lies

But they're all dedicated Trumpsters

And they'll go where the Trump winds blow

And even if it blows their programs away

They'll get clappy while they're watching 'em go.

Paul Clark

Twin Falls

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