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I would like to comment on the "No Vacancy?" article from Feb. 3. Increasing the number of hotels in Twin Falls will only provide net benefit for our city. Tourism is a burgeoning industry in the area and is increasing. Many Wood River Valley bound air passengers who are diverted to the airport in Twin Falls are understandably angry at first but return after witnessing the beauty of the canyon. This trend will enrich local businesses and bring in more revenue for local government. Nearly two and a half millennia ago Xenophon wrote in the third chapter "On Ways and Means" proposing to build more lodging houses and meeting places for visitors from out of town. This would increase revenue for Athens back then and it will do the same for Twin Falls today.

I don't know if large buildings need to be so close to the canyon rim but more hotels and a convention center would help our city grow in a prosperous manner and benefit the common good.

John Kapeleris

Twin Falls

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