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Letter: Tired of winning?

Letter: Tired of winning?

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I remember from my long-ago grade school days a little ditty that went like this: "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." I would like to remind everyone that Donald Trump won the Republican primary by being Donald Trump. He then won the 2016 election by being Donald Trump. Donald Trump has governed the past four years as Donald Trump and he lost his reelection bid by proving that he remains very much all about Donald Trump. At no time during the past four years has Trump ever pretended to be anyone other than Donald Trump; a narcistic, pathological, lying grifter. He is a professional con man who has had great success being himself. Even in defeat people keep sending him money so he can ferret out the truth of this "rigged election." And of this date, five people have died searching for this truth with more I fear yet to come. How hard do Republican voters have to be slapped upside the head before they open their eyes? If people like Ms. Child now feel that Trump is not who she thought he was by removing her Vote Trump sign from her yard she is right, but I will only give her a pass for the 2016 vote. The 2020 mistake is on you Ms. Child, as it is on the 64% of Idaho Republican voters who wanted four more years of this insanity. Case in point: the Jan. 8 Times News containing Ms. Child's LTE also had a short blurb stating that America's trade deficit is the highest it has been in fourteen years. The national debt has also increased 34% in the last four years. Tired of all that winning yet?

Gary Eller

Twin Falls


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