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Letter: Time to revamp City Council pay raises

Letter: Time to revamp City Council pay raises

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The Twin Falls City Council is considering a pay raise for the Council Members next year. This is being pushed by members who will not be running for another term and will not be benefitting personally from such a proposal. Might I suggest an alternative to the awkwardness of elected officials voting to give themselves a pay raise? What if we rewarded our politicians by tying their pay to the median income of their constituents? The council, which has the right to set their pay, could create a statute which would require the next fiscal years budget to pay the council 20% of the median household income of Twin Falls City. That percentage would put their pay at roughly $10,600 for next year. That is a little less then what they currently make so they may want a higher percentage. This system would have given they a raise over the past several years as median income has risen in Twin Falls. But their pay would also automatically decline accordingly if median income goes down.

During this City Budget discussion season, let us seek innovative ideas that will save money and time for the council. Let us reward them during times of prosperity and decrease their pay during hard times. Through this process the council will show solidarity with the common good.

John Kapelaris

Twin Falls


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