Letter: Time to remove Magic Valley monuments to the Confederacy

Letter: Time to remove Magic Valley monuments to the Confederacy

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The title of this letter might be confusing — what monument to the confederacy?

I grew up in Jerome and always found it “interesting” that there was a Davis street in the alphabetical president streets in Jerome. A 1953 Northside News article makes it clear that the street was named after Jefferson Davis, president of the confederacy. Before I read the 1953 article I didn’t understand whether it was a misguided idea from the founding of the community or something as simple as needing a “D” name to make it alphabetical since there are no presidents that start with the letter “D.” The Northside News in 1953 made it clear that name was intentional. It is time to change the name Davis Street. Why honor a traitor — striving to suppress an entire race, breaking away from the United States resulting in the Civil War and costing more than 600 thousand lives? Since there is still not a “D” president available we should at least name it after a patriot. There is a movement to name the street after Frederick Douglass — an abolitionist, suffragist and author. Frederick Douglass is the most appropriate historical “D” person that can replace a traitor.

The decision to name the street in 1953 might not have been nefarious, but it was wrong.

Dan Suhr

Salem, Oregon


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