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Letter: Thank you to my doctors

Letter: Thank you to my doctors

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Profound thanks to my Primary Care Provider, Dr. Warren Dopson of Twin Falls, Twin Falls St. Luke's Cardiologist Dr. Robert Tonks, Boise Cardiologist Dr. Andrew Forbes and their entire team of medical technicians, surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners and institutional support staff. Last week, from mild symptoms I had guy-dissed for months, they found numerous obstructions in blood vessels serving my heart. They spliced me into Idaho's pandemic-overburdened medical care system and saved my life with an emergency triple-bypass. I cannot adequately praise the competency, professionalism, dedication, commitment to excellency/accuracy/timeliness of their diagnostics and interventions. On top of that was the remarkable standard of humanity and compassion that each of the dozens of individuals I encountered held themselves to in the execution of every aspect of their daily responsibilities. There is a sign in front of St. Luke's Twin falls that reads: "Heroes Work Here." I'm told there's one in Boise too but my ambulance didn't have windows. Here's a suggestion to St. Luke's administrators. Edit the signs to read: "SHeroes (pink S, blue H, black eroes) Work Here". The modification would better reflect the fact that (from what I saw) 80% or more of EVERYTHING done to accomplish St. Luke's heroic outcomes is performed by Idaho's strong, brave, hardworking, dedicated, intelligent, highly competent modern women in heath care. That simple acknowledgement is overdue and would be much appreciated. Beyond that I BEG everyone to get vaccinated ASAP (it's free, safe and better than goofy snake oils or you or a loved one suffocating to death in your own phlegm) and mask up in public. Become an Idaho SHero.

Bob Sojka

Twin Falls


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