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Letter: Stop police reform

Letter: Stop police reform

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Please contact your US senators and representative to stop unconstitutional federal police reform.

Will the Republicans be duped into unconstitutional federal police reform? It is unconstitutional for the federal government to make laws affecting state and local police. The democrats, big tech and mainstream media have a war on police. They are claiming that federal police reform must be enacted to stop police violence all the while they condone burning, looting and killing of police by radical groups.

They want to eliminate state and local police and sheriffs. This will create a national gestapo police force that will have NO local input or authority. Washington will have all the control! This will be a repeat of what Hitler, Stalin, Lenin and Mao did to solidify their totalitarian, tyrannical control over their citizens. This must not happen here.

The Republicans must NOT negotiate with the democrats on police reform. The states and local governments are the only real authority to make rules for their state and local police. The danger is that the GOP will violate their oaths of office to uphold the US Constitution and negotiate some type of federal police reform. This is totally unconstitutional and must not happen! We must support our local police and keep them independent.

Please watch the 10 minute video by Bill Hahn, CEO of the patriotic, pro-American, anti-totalitarian John Birch Society. See link below. He outlines the dangers of federal police reform and that the GOP should not participate with the evil democrats in destroying our local police.

Contact your senators and representative immediately to stop unconstitutional federal police reform! Freedom is not free! Remember, it is disrespectful to veterans who fought and many died for our liberties and freedoms to dishonor the US flag.

A concerned citizen,

Adrian Arp



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