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When it came to getting Proposition 2 on the ballot and doing what it took to get it passed last year — as founder and leader of the “We Knew Dang Well What We Were Voting For Commission” (WKDWWWWVFC) — I agree with Luke Mayville wholeheartedly and thank him for all of his efforts.

As a political activist from Califor … Oh wait a minute. I’m not from California. I visited there twice, though. I’m a staunch Idahoan. And I have Idaho as my home and in my thoughts when it comes to legislative and financial matters.

A group right here in Idaho, known as the IFF and led by Brent Regan, has opposed Medicaid expansion in our great state. I think I've figured out Brent’s thought process. Say whatever the uninformed masses want to hear, whether it’s true or not. Deny you ever said it if that’s what it takes. Try to confuse or gaslight the average voter and simply lie your way through.

He believes the average voter isn’t going to research the truth. They’ll eat up and blindly believe whatever he says. It really doesn’t matter. As long as what they hear sounds good enough to get their vote. He’s just copying our illustrious leader who does it constantly. Almost daily. Attack, deny, confuse, divide, move. Attack, deny, confuse, divide, move. Repeat. Almost like Three-card Monte.

Some call these tactics the ol’ song-and-dance routine. Some call it smoke and mirrors. Some call it for what it is. Political BS.

Once again Luke, thanks for telling the truth and exposing them for what they really are.

Joe Auth

Twin Falls

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